How to Know When Legal Counsel Is Necessary for IEP Meetings

How Visual Impairments Affect a Child’s Schooling | Los Angeles Special Education
How Visual Impairments Affect a Child’s Schooling
April 10, 2017

How to Know When Legal Counsel Is Necessary for IEP Meetings

How to Know When Legal Counsel Is Necessary for IEP Meetings | NAV Law

IEP meetings can turn out in a variety of ways based on the school district, the attendees and the child. Many of these meetings turn out well with parents feeling that their child’s needs were met and with school administrators and teachers feeling that they have a workable plan for the upcoming school year. However, some meetings simply do not go well with parents sensing antagonism from the school district as soon as they arrive. Parents who notice any of the following signs should consider hiring legal counsel for the next IEP meeting.

When Parents Are Not Being Heard

Some parents may feel that they are railroaded into agreeing with the school district’s desires at an IEP meeting. Whatever they bring up is shot down, and their concerns are not addressed during the meeting or on the IEP.

When There Is No Negotiation

The optimal IEP meeting includes discussion and negotiation among all parties present, which should include the parents, the teachers and other school staff who may work with the special education child. Older special needs children may also attend. However, if the IEP only reflects the attitudes of the school and not the concerns of the parents, there has been no compromise.

When Parents Feel Emotionally Stressed

Other parents may feel that negotiating the right education for their special needs child is more than they can take. The stress may inhibit their relationship with their child. A special needs attorney can take over at the IEP meeting to allow the parent a reprieve.

When a Child Is Not Progressing

If a child is not making measurable progress towards his or her goals, then the IEP is not working adequately. This insinuates that a new IEP with better solutions needs to be drawn up and agreed on by all interested parties.

Newman Aaronson Vanaman provides legal services to families with special needs children living in the Sherman Oaks area. Our attorneys have worked with many parents going through these challenges and have helped them get the services that their children need in the public school setting. An IEP meeting does not have to be a disaster; instead, legal counsel can provide school administrators with the motivation they need to create a phenomenal IEP that meshes with the wishes of the parents and the special education child.
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