Appeal Downey Region Center Determinations

Parents and caregivers of special education students who want to Appeal Downey Region Center Determinations will find the best results when they work with a special needs attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law. Our attorneys have been providing expert legal advice for decades to residents of Downey and the surrounding areas. We can take care of paperwork, school meetings, financial planning concerns and appeals for special education.

While special education services are to be provided free to students who need them, families must jump through several hoops to be approved to receive these services. It requires more than a simple determination or request by a family doctor. Instead, the Downey school district will require the student to submit to several tests by numerous professionals who will determine if the child meets the criteria within several categories. The criteria that must be met are different for children with different types of disabilities, such as developmental delays versus mental disabilities.

Seeking Approval & Appeals for Downey Special Education Services

In many cases, the child is approved immediately for special education resources. However, other times, children that seem as if they should be approved are denied the free services provided by the state of California through the local Downey school district. This can be a frustrating situation for parents to go through, and parents may worry that their children will lag behind or feel sorely out of place if they join with their peers in a traditional classroom. In these cases, parents will need to appeal the determination made by the regional center.

There are several ways that parents can go about the appeals process. It is best to meet with a special needs attorney first to determine what the best option is. Parents may wish to request an informal meeting with the school district to see if they will change their minds with a bit more information. Sometimes, simple negotiation can be the deciding factor. Other times, parents will want to ask a third-party mediator to see the case from a neutral standpoint. The strongest stance will be to request a fair hearing, which will be performed in a courtroom atmosphere. In this case, a judge will make the determination between the Downey school district and the student.

It can be difficult to see a case denied by the school district. Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help appeal the determination by using expert attorneys who know all the applicable laws.

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