Appeal El Monte Region Center Determinations

To Appeal El Monte Region Center Determinations, parents of special education students have several options available. They have informal options for meeting with school district officials as well as formal options during which they can take the matter before a judge. This experience can be a very difficult one, both physically and emotionally. Parents will feel as if they are fighting for the educational benefit of their children and will feel personally responsible if they do not get the determination for which they were hoping. The state of California allows parents to request the help of an attorney who can represent them before the school district and the judge. An attorney can also help parents in the behind-the-scenes work of filling out paperwork and filing forms.

El Monte Legal Representation in Appealing Special Education Service Determinations

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our special needs attorneys have decades of experience in this and other types of special education law. We are aware of the policies and procedures that work as well as those that have been proven to be less effective. We can take a great deal of the stress off of El Monte parents, allowing them to focus more on their children and less on the procedure. We can provide clients with advice in our offices, attend meetings at the school district and even represent children in courtroom proceedings.

We will help to advise El Monte families who want to appeal Region Center determinations as to whether they should start with an informal meeting or skip directly to the request for a fair hearing. Sometimes, we will recommend that families request a fair hearing but simultaneously request an informal meeting or a mediator. The informal meeting or meeting with a mediator is typically scheduled quickly while a fair hearing may take quite a while to be scheduled. This way, some families can come to a happy resolution with the school district and can cancel the request for a fair hearing. If the decision made during the informal meeting is still unsatisfactory, parents will still have the fair hearing scheduled.

Our attorneys understand that appealing an El Monte Region Center determination can be a stressful and lengthy process. By helping to walk special needs students and their families through it, we can decrease some of the stress, improve outcomes and help families to understand each step of the process. We believe that the welfare of special needs children is our primary concern.

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