Appeal Inglewood Region Center Determinations

Appealing Inglewood Region Center Determinations is not a chore for the faint of heart. It can be a process full of emotional concerns as well as confusing paperwork and legal terminology. While parents are allowed to go through the appeals process by themselves, the best results are often found with the guidance of a skilled legal team. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we have dozens of professionals, from attorneys to paralegals who can help families of special education students to find success in the appeals process in Inglewood.

Seeking Approval for Special Education Services in Inglewood

Before children can receive the free special education services that are provided by the public school system in Inglewood, they must be approved for the services. In order to be approved, they must go through several tests and interviews to show that they have mental or physical disabilities or that they have developmental delays. Sometimes, children will be approved for needed services immediately because their needs come across clearly. However, other times, parents are sorely disappointed when they are not approved for free services. Rather than turning to services for which they must pay, parents do have another choice.

The state of California has put together an appeal process of Region Center determinations. Parents have several options during the appeals process. First, they may request an informal meeting during which they can meet with school district officials to discuss their perceived needs. The school district may change their minds during the meeting, and the determination may be reversed.

Options for Appeals at Inglewood Region Centers

If parents feel that they may not get a fair response during the informal meeting, they can instead request a mediator from the state of California. Whereas the state is required to provide an informal meeting to parents who request it, they can deny the request for a mediator. However, mediators can provide help to Inglewood families because they are neutral third-parties that can help to solve the differences between the family and the school district.

The last option for appealing a Region Center determination is to request a fair hearing. It can take quite a while for a fair hearing to be scheduled, however. Therefore, parents will usually want to have an informal meeting or a mediator while they are waiting for the fair hearing. If the meetings are successful, they can then cancel the fair hearing. A fair hearing will allow the case to be heard by a judge for an ultimate decision.

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