Appeal Long Beach Region Center Determinations

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our specialty has been special education law for the last 30-plus years. With our expertise, families can be sure they are getting the most up-to-the-minute help that is possible. We study current state and federal laws carefully and keep an eye on the special education court cases that are occurring throughout the nation. We can help with everything from IEPs to trusts. One way that we help parents is by walking them through the process of appealing Long Beach Region Center Determinations.

Representing Long Beach Families Through Special Education Determination Appeals

This appeals process can be frustrating for most families because they feel as if the needs of their children are not being met by the state. Long Beach families with special education students are allowed to receive free and appropriate education for these children according to national law. However, to receive these educational services, children must first be designated as having special needs whether they are physical or mental handicaps or developmental delays.

Sometimes, a Long Beach determination is made that does not fit with what the parents believe was correct. Their child may be denied special services and may be required to learn with his or her peers in the mainstream classroom. When parents disagree with the decision that the Long Beach school district made, they are allowed to appeal the determination. The easiest option is the informal meeting during which parents and school district officials discuss their concerns. Sometimes, a more beneficial resolution can be made during the meeting. Some meetings may occur with the help of a state-appointed mediator.

However, if these meetings do not resolve the dispute, a fair hearing may be called, which allows the case to come before a judge who will make the determination. At this point, most parents feel flustered by the paperwork and by the court appearance and will appreciate having legal help. One of our experienced attorneys can work with families through this circumstance and can even help with the informal meetings as well. We can be the voice of the family and can stand up for the rights of the special needs child. We believe that these children have every right to succeed in school and that their early success will set them up for success later in life also. Therefore, we fight diligently for special education when it is needed for Long Beach children with physical or mental disabilities or developmental delays.

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