Appeal Torrance Region Center Determinations

To Appeal Torrance Region Center Determinations, parents of special education children will need to go through a lengthy process that can be emotionally exhausting. To help, attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman can walk with families through every step of the process, providing expert advice and attending meetings and court sessions. With over 30 years in special education law, we understand the stressors that special needs families face, and we attempt to calm families’ fears and concerns along the way.

Options for Torrance Special Education Plan Determination & Appeals

Your first option may be the simplest if together we can get the Torrance school district on the family’s side. This part of the process is called the informal meeting and is easy to set up. California requires that all school districts provide informal meetings to parents who request them. During this meeting, we can help families discuss their concerns about their children’s education with school district officials. We hope that the outcome of this meeting resolves the problem for both the school district and the parents.

A similar option that we sometimes recommend is the mediator. This process is much like the informal meeting except that a neutral third-party appointed by the state also attends. This individual will hear both sides of the problem and will determine a solution. While the state is required to set up Torrance informal meetings for families who request them, the state can deny the request for a mediator.

NAV Law Legal Representation Guides Torrance Parents Through the Process

Along the way, we often counsel parents to request a fair hearing before a judge. It can take a long time to get a fair hearing on the docket, however. Therefore, Torrance families often go ahead with the informal meeting while waiting on the fair hearing to take place. If the issue is resolved to the parents’ satisfaction with the initial meeting, the fair hearing can be canceled. If the issue is not resolved, the parents can bring the matter to a judge with the help of one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we understand the importance of these special education concerns for the family. The ability to receive free special education services from the state can make a family’s finances much more bearable and can set up the special needs child for a successful future. With our help, Torrance parents can continue to focus on the everyday needs of their children while requesting the help that they desperately need.

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