Best Educational Apps for Special Needs Children

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How to Know When Legal Counsel Is Necessary for IEP Meetings
April 17, 2017
Developing Educational Play at Home | Los Angeles Legal Representation
Developing Educational Play at Home
May 1, 2017

Best Educational Apps for Special Needs Children

Best Educational Apps for Special Needs Children | Los Angeles Legal Representation

While the majority of education for special needs children occurs in the public schools, some parents seek other methods for their children. For example, some turn to private schools or special needs daycares. Special education does not have to end at the school doors. With today’s smartphones and tablet computers, most children can enjoy and learn from a variety of educational apps. Here is a look at some of the best apps currently available for special needs children.

  • Social Skill Builder is great for children with mental disabilities because it helps them learn about emotions, relationships, consequences and thinking skills that are used in daily life.
  • Splingo’s Language Universe uses spoken instructions to teach listening skills. Children enjoy playing with Splingo the alien.
  • Bob Books Reading Magic teaches children to read using simple phonics and very simple pictures. Each book builds on the last one by teaching new consonant and vowel sounds.
  • Injini: Child Development Games was especially created for children diagnosed with autism, Down’s and cerebral palsy. However, it is useful for any child who has a learning delay or a fine motor delay. This suite of games teaches language and critical thinking through play.
  • See. Touch. Learn Pro is designed for autistic children who learn best through pictures.
  • Language Builder Deluxe helps children create sentences while also enhancing listening skills. Children can hear their own voices played back to them.
  • Articulation Station Pro helps children who suffer from speech delays. It teaches the correct sounds for words, helps them build sentences and eventually creates stories using the words they have learned.

Of course, these skills should be taught in any public school setting for children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability, physical disability or mental disability. The special needs child’s IEP should address skills that the child should be learning and should have a way to measure the progress made on these skills at regular intervals throughout the year. Children who are not learning the language, social skills, speech and other basic life skills at school will need a new IEP. Parents who feel that their concerns are not being heard by the school district should consult with an attorney at Newman Aaronson Vanaman for special education legal advice. However, these apps and others like them are great for summer or weekend learning and play.

Developing Educational Play at Home
How to Know When Legal Counsel Is Necessary for IEP Meetings