Best Toys for Special Needs Children

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Best Toys for Special Needs Children

Best Toys for Special Needs Children | Los Angeles Legal Representation

Special needs children often require toys that are different from the mainline options provided to their peers. Depending on the limitations of the child, these individuals often require toys that work to improve balance, coordination, and strength or ones that improve their cognitive functions of reasoning and decision-making. Parents and teachers who care for special needs children are encouraged to add one or two of these fun options to their indoor or outdoor toy chests.

Vtech Tote & Go Laptop

These laptops are perfect for preschoolers who love to see cause and effect. It will teach children letters, numbers, words, and songs, and children will feel just like mom and dad as they tap away on their laptops. These devices are perfect for use in the car during long drives.

Large Building Blocks

Many special needs children have difficulty with fine motor movements. Large building blocks, such as Mega Bloks and Duplo Legos, are easy for children to grasp. These blocks are also good for children who have spastic movements and may inadvertently knock down wooden blocks.

Gear Sets

Gear sets offer plenty of spinning and repetitive movements and are perfect for children with autism. These sets get the brain working by showing how parts work together, and the colorful pieces catch the eye.


Scooters are fun to use outside and help children improve their sense of balance and coordination while improving leg strength.

Spooner Board

A Spooner Board is similar to a skateboard except that it does not have wheels and is curved on the bottom. It allows children to feel as if they are skateboarding by building up leg and core strength as well as balance while keeping them safe from falls.

Each of these toys is available to anyone looking for a toy or educational store or shopping online. They are all so fun that children will not even realize the educational or exercise value of each of them. Many schools designed with special needs children in mind will have access to toys that are similar to these, and parents will be able to see what types of toys their children are drawn to before investing in any for home use. Parents who are unable to get their children into special needs programs but who feel that their children deserve these services can contact an attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman.