Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

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March 24, 2017
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Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month | Los Angeles Children Development

Every April, communities and individuals across the United States gather to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. They don the definitive puzzle-piece ribbons that denote autism spectrum disorder, they walk for autism awareness, and they educate the community about how special and important those with autism are. Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2017, but families across the U.S. can find ways to become involved all month long. Here are some options for helping spread the word about autism.

Participate in a Community Event

Community events through local affiliates are the prime way that the Autism Society gets the word out about autism. Those who are interested can look for educational events, children’s activities, conferences and family outings this month. Many societies also form support groups for families.

Participate in an Online Event

Those who are unable to get to a community event can check out one of the many online events, many of which are found on Facebook and other social media platforms. These events allow families to receive support from other families who are going through the same issues. Another key online event is shopping through stores, such as Toys R Us, during this month where a portion of the proceeds will go to autism awareness.

Wear the Ribbon

The puzzle-piece ribbon that signifies autism spectrum disorder signifies the many pieces to the puzzle of supporting a child with autism. Families can show their support by wearing the ribbon, putting the ribbon magnet on their cars, updating their social media pictures with the ribbon or even decorating their front doors with an autism ribbon wreath.

Walk for Enhanced Health Care

Autism Speaks features numerous walks every year that are held around the country. Those who walk are able to connect with others who have been affected by autism and can raise money that will help enhance the lives and educations of children who have autism.

If you feel that your child who has been diagnosed with autism is not receiving the care that he or she richly deserves in the school system or in other areas of life, schedule a consultation with an attorney at Newman Aaronson Vanaman in Sherman Oaks, California. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping families with all types of special needs concerns. We are skilled at fighting for client rights for IEPs, standards of care, college prep and much more.
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