Contesting a Long Beach Eligibility Determination

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we have a team of attorneys and paralegals who have years of training and experience in working with special education law. We have seen nearly everything in our decades of work in and around the Long Beach, California, area, and we stand ready to help any family that is struggling with a school district’s eligibility for special education. While some children have no trouble being approved for special education classes and other accommodations, others are denied these privileges and are forced to keep up with their peers in the general classroom setting. We believe that all children with special needs deserve an education that works for them, that makes the best use of their special assets and that adequately prepares them for their future.

Simply applying for special education benefits is a lengthy process that requires numerous educational and medical assessments as well as a variety of evaluations by a multidisciplinary team. However, when special education benefits are denied, parents must begin the even more arduous process of contesting Long Beach eligibility determinations. Parents find that they have even more paperwork to fill out, more assessments to attend with their child and more meetings to show up for with school district officials.

Representing Long Beach Families in Special Education Eligibility Determination

We can handle all of this for Long Beach families. We know that it can be a struggle to separate the importance of this task with the emotions that parents feel toward their own child. As attorneys, we can handle the legal aspects of the eligibility determination, thereby giving the parents time to focus on their children. Parents and children may need to attend more assessments, but one of our trusted attorneys will also attend all meetings as well, taking much of the pressure off the family and providing them with a much-needed voice of fact and reason.

One of our focuses during the contesting of a Long Beach eligibility determination is the security of our clients. We do not share information with those outside the case, and we take care to hold meetings in safe, comfortable environments. In addition, we never place our clients into a mold; instead, we listen to each of their concerns carefully, and treat each client with individualized care. By treating each client and each special needs child with the utmost respect and understanding, we continue to build up a strong and loyal client base.

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