Contesting a Los Angeles Eligibility Determination

In order for a child in Los Angeles to qualify for special education, he or she must first be deemed eligible for these services. While these determinations were once made solely by officials in the school district, they now are required by law to include the parents of the child. Parents are allowed to attend evaluations and to see all documentation relating to the eligibility determination. However, because parents do not have the final say in these determinations, some determinations may be contested. To solve a contested eligibility determination properly, an attorney should be called in to attend the hearing and to speak for the parents. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our team of attorneys and paralegals are well-qualified to provide every type of legal counsel for special needs children and their families.

In order for the Los Angeles school district to provide specialized services to a child, the child must have a documented disability and must require special support because they cannot perform on the same level as other students in his or her grade level do. Eligibility is determined by a team including parents, teachers, school district officials, other applicable school team members, such as psychologists, and attorneys if so desired. An evaluation will be performed, and parents will be allowed to obtain a copy of the completed evaluation.

Special Education Eligibility Representation in Los Angeles

If the Los Angeles school district determines that a child is not eligible for special services, the district is required to notify the parents of this determination in writing. According to IDEA, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, parents always have the option to contest this decision and should be given information regarding how to do this by the school district. While parents can go through this process alone, a special education attorney will have the best success at winning eligibility for the child because of his or her knowledge of the law, prior experience, and professional responsibility.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we are committed to winning the appropriate freedoms that special needs children deserve. Whether we do this in our own law offices, in a school district or in the courtroom, our main goal is to serve these deserving families, including the underserved demographics of the Los Angeles area. For advice on whether or not an eligibility determination should be contested and for legal counsel, we encourage parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds to turn to our trusted attorneys.

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