Contesting a Pasadena Eligibility Determination

For parents who believe that their special needs children are not being treated fairly by the school district, contesting a Pasadena eligibility determination may be in order. Parents should be aware that this can be a lengthy and emotionally draining experience and one that is often best met by a team of trained legal professionals. This process typically requires filling out vast amounts of paperwork, attending meetings and hearings and submitting the child to additional evaluations. However, with the help of an attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman, which serves the entire Pasadena area, parents may see this process shortened and will have more time to focus on their children rather than on legal concerns.

Determine Your Child’s Eligibility for Pasadena Special Education Services

The first step here is to understand what an eligibility determination is. In this process, a team, which includes teachers and other school district leaders, evaluates the child to determine if the child indeed has a disability and if the disability negatively affects the child’s ability to progress in school. The disability could be mental, emotional or physical and could include such things as visual or auditory impairment, emotional imbalance, mental retardation and even ADHD and autism in some cases. It is up to the decision of the school as to whether some disabilities, such as developmental delays, should be included on this list. If the Pasadena school district determines that the child does require special education, an Individualized Educational Plan is drawn up and decided on with the help of the parents as well.

However, when the school district denies a child special education support, parents must either agree to this determination or contest it. In these cases, the school district is required to provide parents with information about how to contest a Pasadena eligibility determination. While parents can go down this road alone, they usually have the best success when they depend upon the legal prowess of a special education attorney who has years of experience to back him or her up.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our attorneys have plenty of legal knowledge and keep up closely with current laws and legal determinations made in courtrooms across the country. In addition, they have vast amounts of medical knowledge, which can help them to read medical and mental evaluations. With this knowledge base, our attorneys are completely prepared to help Pasadena parents as they face contested eligibility hearings.

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