Contesting a Santa Clarita Eligibility Determination

Contesting a Santa Clarita eligibility determination is a process that most parents cannot handle on their own. Instead, they need professional help from attorneys who are well-versed in current laws and who have fought numerous similar cases in the past. In Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas, Newman Aaronson Vanaman is the smart choice with over 30 years of experience working with all types of special education cases. We have provided years of exceptional advice from our law offices and have attended hundreds of meetings in school district offices with concerned parents and school district officials. We have also attended eligibility hearings, led contested cases and provided counsel in numerous courtrooms. With such a lengthy history of professional experience, our satisfied clients prove that we are certainly on top of our game.

Helping Parents Navigate the Confusing Los Angeles Special Education System

While some special education needs are clear-cut, many are not. School districts must make the decision as to whether or not they will place students into a special needs category with the help of school officials, parents, teachers and other professionals who understand the child’s diagnosis, such as school psychologists. Because the attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman have plenty of experience understanding and explaining medical and psychological diagnoses, our advice can be invaluable in these areas. We believe that the best course of action for most parents is to allow one of our attorneys to attend a contested Santa Clarita eligibility determination hearing along with the parents.

The laws of the United States and the state of California protect the special needs child. They allow these children to have free public educations with additional resources and special education support to give them the best chance at living a full, successful life. However, unless the correct eligibility determination is made, children may fall through the cracks and be required to learn at the pace of all the other students and to receive no additional support.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we believe that every Santa Clarita special needs child deserves to have a fair chance to receive an excellent education despite school district concerns over poor budgets or inadequate resources. Therefore, we fight these eligibility determination cases for all types of families no matter what their socioeconomic status or race. When special needs children receive the proper educational support that they need early in life, they often go on to college, and many can hold excellent jobs throughout adulthood.

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