Contesting an El Monte Eligibility Determination

Parents of special needs students living in the El Monte, California, area want only the best for their children. That is why parents repeatedly turn to the experienced legal team at Newman Aaronson Vanaman to fight their battles for them. Our knowledgeable attorneys can attend IEP meetings, explain legal paperwork, help with guardianships and trusts and even help in contesting El Monte eligibility determinations. Each of these steps can be terribly confusing yet vitally important to the overall welfare of the affected child and his or her family. We understand that fighting eligibility determinations can be draining. This is why our legal team will walk families through each step of the process.

Determining Legal Eligibility for Special Education in El Monte

Occasionally, a child will receive a diagnosis of a physical or mental disability. However, because they are still receiving good grades in the general classroom, they may receive a determination that states that they are ineligible for special education. In this case, both the school and the parents agree that the child has a disability; however, parents and school administration disagree over the type of teaching that the child should receive.

In other instances, both parents and school administrators may agree that the child needs some specialized help. However, the disagreement may come over how much help the child needs and how integrated he or she can be in the general classroom setting. We can help with these or any other problems with El Monte eligibility determinations.

The eligibility process can be lengthy and can be very draining for a majority of parents. Not only does it take plenty of time to complete but also it is extremely draining emotionally and can leave parents feeling as if they have no time for themselves or for their other children. Parents may feel so invested in the process that they have difficulty separating the legal matters from their emotional concerns.

Our attorneys can provide a sense of calm and can ensure eligibility determinations are made according to California state law. We will walk through the medical records that already exist to determine if they show whether the child deserves special education. We can set up times for specialized evaluators to assess the child, submit necessary reports, set up inter-disciplinary meetings and even set up regional hearings if necessary. Our goal is to serve the families throughout El Monte with compassion by putting the needs of the special education student first.

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