Contesting an Inglewood Eligibility Determination

Contesting an Inglewood eligibility determination for special education is no easy matter. It takes time and energy to do and most parents find that it takes an overwhelming amount of emotional strength as well. Parents who feel that their special needs children are not receiving the help that they so rightfully deserve can become disillusioned with the special education process and with teachers and school administrators in general.

Take Advantage of NAV Law’s Experience in Inglewood Special Education Representation

With decades of working with special education legalities behind us, we at Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law know what it takes to get a child what they need. As nearly all legal processes are, the process of contesting an Inglewood eligibility determination can be lengthy and may require several trips over the same ground. However, when parents choose us to handle these matters, they discover that they no longer have to worry about the paperwork, the constant meetings or the medical diagnoses. Instead, they can return themselves to investing in the emotional support of their child, trusting us to take care of the educational aspects.

One problem that many parents do not realize is that just because the child receives a diagnosis of some type of disability does not mean that he or she will automatically be qualified to receive special education in the public school setting. The state of California has a specific process that it follows to determine which children need to be placed in separated classrooms from their peers. In addition, each school seems to have its own culture of how it deals with special education students. Sometimes, the school district simply needs to be reeducated on what constitutes a positive Inglewood eligibility determination. Other times, our attorneys need to apply themselves higher up and fight the legal battle in a regional court.

Parents throughout the Inglewood area have discovered that our attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman are not only knowledgeable and professional but also compassionate and understanding. We understand what families of special needs children go through on a daily basis to ensure that their children receive the education that they need to succeed throughout life. Therefore, we treat each child and each case as uniquely as possible, realizing that what worked in one situation may not work in the next. We ensure that we give our clients the time that they need with our professionals so that they can understand the legalities of Inglewood eligibility determinations.

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