Contesting Glendale Legal Conservatorships

Those who need to contest a Glendale legal conservatorship will certainly need to find legal help because this can be a lengthy process that often winds its way slowly through the California court system. Newman Aaronson Vanaman is uniquely poised to help individuals who need more information about conservatorships or who need to make changes on the conservatorship for legal or financial reasons. When a conservatorship is set up well, the adult special needs child will be well cared for and able to live as independently as possible.

What Glendale Legal Conservators Do

A conservator is similar to a guardian over a special needs individual who has reached adulthood. Sometimes, special needs children are unable to attain the level of personal responsibility that they would need to have to allow them to take care of their own housing arrangements, financial decisions, and medical treatments once they reach adulthood. In these cases, Glendale special needs adults would require a legal conservator.

Often a Glendale legal conservator is the individual’s parent or sibling. In cases when these options are not possible, the court may choose another close friend or loved one. Most often, these are called limited conservatorships. The conservator, or the person chosen to oversee matters relating to the special needs adult will help, the individual find a safe place to stay, monitor work and other social concerns, make wise financial decisions, determine how to further education and make applicable medical decisions.

Possible conservators should be aware that they may be asked to be the conservator of the person, the conservator of the estate or both. Conservators of the person make decisions regarding personal matters, such as housing and food. Conservators of the estate make decisions regarding the individual’s finances.

Getting a legal conservatorship for one’s adult child requires a bit of work on the parents’ part. They must obtain the legal paperwork and file this with the state’s court. They may also need to attend a regional center hearing, work with an investigator who will determine who is best to care for the adult child and make any necessary court appearances. Because this process can be long as well as mentally and emotionally strenuous, a special needs attorney can be of infinite value. This is particularly true of times when the Glendale legal conservatorship is contested, such as when various family members do not agree on who should be the conservator.

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