Contesting Los Angeles Legal Conservatorships

The need to contest a Los Angeles legal conservatorship may occur because the parents or family members of the special needs client do not feel as if their loved one is receiving the physical, mental, social and financial help that he or she needs. Sometimes, obtaining a legal conservatorship over an adult child who has recently turned 18 is very easy. However, in some families where there are strained relationships or where there are no parents or adult siblings available to be conservators, the situation can become more stressful.

Contesting a Los Angeles legal conservatorship requires the help of a trained attorney who can walk clients through all the steps of a complicated legal process that could include regional hearings or hearings in a California courtroom. It can be a long and stressful process that requires an intimate knowledge of the California legal system. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our attorneys are uniquely poised to help steer clients in the right direction and to attend all hearings and fill out paperwork. We understand that family members and loved ones only want what is best for the special needs individual, and we can help ensure that will happen.

What Does a Los Angeles Legal Conservatorship Do?

A Los Angeles legal conservatorship ensures that the special needs client over the age of 18 has someone who can care for the needs that they themselves cannot perform. This could include such things as maintaining finances, obtaining health insurance, finding new living arrangements and setting up medical appointments. The exact items that the conservator will need to take care of are delineated by a judge of the California court system. Conservators are also named as conservators of the person or conservators of the estate. Some people serve as both types of conservator simultaneously. A limited conservator is one who maintains control over some aspects of care but not all aspects.

An attorney at Newman Aaronson Vanaman can discuss with loved ones of the special needs client what type of conservatorship is needed and how they can go about setting this up with the state. An attorney will locate the correct paperwork that needs to be filled out and can attend all hearings and court appearances in Los Angeles. In addition, if there are no close family members or friends who are willing to be conservators, an attorney can help locate another individual or agency who will take on the conservatorship for a fee.

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