Contesting Pasadena Legal Conservatorships

Those who feel that they may need to contest a Pasadena legal conservatorship are invited to turn to attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman located in Sherman Oaks, California. Our practice specializes in all types of special education law, including Individualized Educational Plans, guardianships, conservatorships, and trusts. We have decades of experience protecting the freedoms of our special needs clients and helping their loved ones create home, financial, and education decisions that help them succeed throughout life.

A Pasadena legal conservatorship is needed when special needs children turn 18 years old if they are unable to care for themselves completely. For example, if they need help with applying for jobs, making medical appointments, paying bills or finding housing units that would work with their physical or mental disabilities, they would need someone trustworthy who could step in for them to protect their interests.

How Do Pasadena Legal Conservatorships Function?

A legal conservator in Pasadena could really be almost anyone, but most often it is a close family member or friend who is familiar with the client’s needs and wishes. Often, a parent or adult sibling will take on the conservatorship. However, in cases where our clients do not have any close family members or friends or in cases where they do not wish to have someone they know managing their care, finances or social life, we can help the client find a state or private agency that will represent their needs in a conservatorship. In addition, some private individuals act as conservators for a fee. Another option to a conservatorship is a durable power of attorney for finances or a durable power of attorney for healthcare. These legalities may ensure that a conservatorship is not even needed.

Numerous questions surround Pasadena legal conservatorship that can really only be answered in person. We invite interested individuals to contact our offices and set up a time for consultation. We can discuss paperwork that needs to be filled out to begin the conservatorship process and discuss how to file the paperwork with the courts. We can also represent our clients in courtrooms throughout the Pasadena area. When a conservatorship is determined by the courts but the special needs client or the family members do not agree with the decision that was made, we can contest it in a regional hearing or courtroom. At all points during this process, we ensure that the unique needs of each client are protected.

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