Contesting Santa Clarita Legal Conservatorships

When a special needs child in Santa Clarita turns 18, he or she may require a conservatorship. A conservatorship is appropriate for those who are legally adults but who are unable to care completely for their personal, financial, social or medical needs. Oftentimes, a lawyer will be required to explain the legalities of the process to the disabled individual and the parents or guardians of the person. This is because there are a variety of conservatorship types available as well as lengthy amounts of paperwork that must be filed in court.

Types of Legal Conservatorships Available in Santa Clarita

The two main types of conservatorships are conservators of the person and conservators of the estate. The conservator named in court may be one or both of these entities. Some special needs clients may only require one of these types of conservators if he or she is deemed to be capable of taking care of some aspects of care. This also brings a limited conservatorship into play. A limited conservatorship is what is most often chosen for special need clients because many of these individuals do not require all aspects of their care to be taken from them.

Another type of conservatorship that may be seen in some instances in Santa Clarita is the LPS conservatorship, so named after the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. In this type, the named conservator is in charge of someone who is determined to be gravely disabled. The conservator will have more responsibilities as well as more freedoms with the person’s estate in these scenarios.

The Time for Santa Clarita Legal Conservatorships

There are times when parents of Santa Clarita special needs individuals do not feel that the court system is listening to their needs or has made the decision that is best for all parties. In these cases, a qualified special needs attorney will need to become involved. Our attorneys and paralegals at Newman Aaronson Vanaman in Sherman Oaks, California, have decades of experience in dealing with special needs clients and in determining their physical and psychological needs. We can help clients file paperwork, can attend regional hearings and can even provide courtroom assistance. We promise to walk clients through every step of the process even if we must contest a Santa Clarita legal conservatorship.

Some parents just need education about what legal conservatorships entail. One of our attorneys can explain the process as well as the benefits and disadvantages of conservatorships during a consultation in our conveniently located offices.

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