Contesting Santa Monica Legal Conservatorships

Contesting a Santa Monica legal conservatorship is a matter for professionals to oversee. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman in Sherman Oaks, California, we have a team of qualified special needs attorneys who can take care of all sorts of conservatorship issues, from explaining the different types of conservatorships to fighting for the best care for the individual in a courtroom. These matters are very difficult to take care of oneself without legal help. Let our team take away some of the stress of the situation by managing the legal aspects of a Santa Monica conservatorship.

What Situations Call for Santa Monica Legal Conservatorships?

A conservatorship may be entered into by a special needs client and a qualified caretaker when the special needs client reached adulthood. A legal conservatorship will be needed if the client is unable to manage all aspects of his or her care without help. A conservator will be given the legal direction to make certain decisions for the conservatee, such as where the conservatee will live, how the bills will be paid and what investments will be made. Most legal conservatorships for special needs clients are limited, which means that not all aspects of the person’s care will be undertaken. For example, some clients may need help with medical care and finances but not with jobs or living situations.

Most Santa Monica legal conservatorships are entered into with a family member of the special needs client. Most often, a parent or sibling is used. In some situations, the client may not want a family member or friend involved in the case. In these situations, the court system has a series of agencies that it can turn to for help in finding a non-family conservator. Non-family individuals may also be used; they are called private professional conservators. In the state of California, these individuals are licensed by the state and must meet certain qualifications to be named as conservators.

A conservatorship can be highly beneficial to the special needs client in Santa Monica if it is entered into with great care. It can help the conservatee deal with the usual aspects of life with the least amount of concern. Because it is a structured legal standing, a conservatorship ensures that accurate and complete files are kept of all choices that are made by the conservator on behalf of the conservatee. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we can help with all aspects of legal conservatorships, including contested cases.

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