Developing Educational Play at Home

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Best Educational Apps for Special Needs Children
April 24, 2017
Best Educational Apps for Special Needs Children | Los Angeles Legal Representation
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May 8, 2017

Developing Educational Play at Home

Developing Educational Play at Home | Los Angeles Legal Representation

Children with special needs often have difficulty fitting in with their peers at school and on the playground. They may hang back and not feel as if they fit in with their peer groups. For some, playgrounds and typical toys for their age group may not be safe or may be too difficult to handle for special needs children. Parents and caretakers can work with these children at home to find fun ways to play while simultaneously educating the child. This does not have to be expensive. In fact, in many cases, parents will be able to use objects that they already have on their shelves.

Easy to Setup Activities for Special Needs Children

Special needs children can find plenty to do with several old boxes that parents no longer need. They can decorate them to make them into cars, and, with the help of their parents, can create delightful forts and houses that they will be able to play in for hours. Parents with plenty of space in their homes can make an entire box town, complete with grocery store, library, doctor’s office and post office, and can teach their children what they do in each of these buildings.

Craft time is a great way for many special needs children to use up their creative energies. Besides, crafts also make use of many of the five senses, which is beneficial for children with cognitive delays or autism. Parents can provide children with boxes full of paper, stickers, tape, markers, cutouts, felt and paint. Children may also want to find other items around the house that they could use for their creations, such as old tissue boxes and paper towel rolls.

Additional Parenting Techniques with Games

Parents can teach their special needs children about science and the environment by starting a sensory garden. A few dollars will buy plenty of seeds and dirt, and children can use cardboard egg cartons in which to plant their gardens. These children will love to feel the dirt and the water and will love to see their plants begin to grow.

Many communities offer educational play programs for special needs children. Parents can check with their school districts or community centers to see which options are available. Many public schools also provide these sessions free of cost. Attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help parents who feel that their children are not receiving the local and community resources that they deserve.