Downey Accommodations

Parents of special needs children often want to know more about Downey accommodations that can help their children succeed in school. Accommodations are changes that are made to the environment, to testing procedures or to other areas of the school, such as timing, scheduling, and presentations, that help the student learn, retain and test at the same level as his or her peers. These changes are listed in the child’s IEP to ensure that all teachers, as well as parents, are on the same page with the goals for the school year.

Education Accommodations to Fit the Needs of Students in Downey

Downey accommodations can come in many different forms and are based on the student’s specific needs. Also, parents should understand that a child may need accommodations for one class but not for another. Finally, parents must remember that accommodations are not the same as modifications. Modifications allow the child to learn a different set of information that is not as academically hard as what his or her peers are learning. With modifications, a child will still be able to progress through school and even graduate but will not have the same knowledge at graduation that peers have. All of this information may be notated on report cards but is not filled in on transcripts, which merely designate grades given in particular classes but do not show that there was a disability or that special education was received.

There are many different types of Downey accommodations to consider if a child is having trouble keeping up with his or her peers in school. Some accommodations allow the materials to be presented in a different way to the student. The student may be able to use audio books, have someone read the textbook, use large print books or be given visual rather than simply oral presentations. Students may also receive accommodations for answering questions or for testing. Tests may be given orally or on a computer. Students may also be given additional time for tests. These students may receive visual schedules, be seated in special areas of the classroom, receive frequent breaks from class and get help from a tutor or teaching assistant to better understand the material.

Downey accommodations should be seen as ways to help high-achieving special education students succeed in school. With present success can come future benefits as these students are often able to go on to college and meet their dreams and goals for careers.

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