Downey Children with Physical Disabilities

Downey children with physical disabilities are eligible for special education services in the local public schools according to state and federal law. While this typically requires at least one major assessment to ensure that the child meets the criteria for special education, this is often a load off the parents’ minds to know that their children will be receiving a free and appropriate education. Special education services in private schools are often nonexistent. On the other hand, private schools that are designed specifically with the special needs child in mind can be quite expensive and out of the financial league of most average parents in Downey, California.

Providing Specialized Representation for Downey Children with Physical Disabilities

Most public school districts offer wonderful resources for Downey children with physical disabilities. Some of these students may also have ongoing mental issues as well; however, most merely need a few changes made in the classroom environment to ensure that they can learn with their peers. For the most serious of physical problems, students may be placed in a classroom designed especially for these children with a special needs teacher. However, for the most part, school districts try to use combined classroom settings that allow these children to learn with their peers.

Several laws set forth stipulations for the rights and freedoms of special education students throughout the United States. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ensures that all schools throughout the country, except for religious schools, provide services to children with physical or mental disabilities. In addition, this law ensures that these students are not discriminated against or denied access to special activities.

While the laws denote what the optimum environment for Downey children with physical disabilities should be, this is often not the case in the daily grind of the local classroom. These children may be forgotten or left behind in favor of students who are performing better or making faster progress. In addition, these students may not be able to hear or see as well in class if physical changes are not made to the classroom. When parents or these children feel that they are not receiving the education that they need as required by law, a special education attorney should become involved. Our highly knowledgeable attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman can work with any of these problems as well as a myriad of other special needs matters to ensure that these children receive bright, well-adjusted futures.

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