Downey Education Plan for Children with Special Needs

A Downey Education Plan is one of the most important tools available to special education students as well as their parents. It can provide direction for the entire school year and help parents and teachers be on the same page as they frequently measure the child’s success against the IEP. However, even though it is vitally important, many parents and teachers do not spend as much time or effort working on it as they should. Other Downey parents feel as if they are fighting for their special needs children’s rights at school without much success. Still, others feel as though the school district administrators and teachers do not have enough time to spend with their child to ensure future success.

Experience & Expertise of Newman Aaronson Vanaman

This is where we can help. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we serve families in Downey and the surrounding areas with our special brand of compassionate and cutting edge legal care that has provided numerous families in the past 30 years with amazing educational results for their special needs children. One of the legal tasks that we do most frequently is work on Downey Education Plans to ensure that special education students are receiving the best education possible with the least number of restrictions on their freedoms.

Legal Representation at Downey IEP Meetings

We can help remove tension from the room when we attend IEP meetings as Downey parents’ spokespersons. This will allow teachers and administrators to speak directly to one of our knowledgeable attorneys and will help parents not to be so emotionally attached to the process. With our decades of experience, we can craft unique IEPs that focus on the particular child’s strengths and weaknesses.

When the battle for a great IEP is taken out of the Downey school district offices and into the courts, we can fight for the right of the child as well. We have plenty of experience fighting legal battles in court as well as at due process hearings. We will walk families through the process until we reach a resolution that is acceptable both to the school district as well as to the family.

We know that getting a great IEP in Downey is a personal matter to families with special needs children. Therefore, we approach each case with integrity and care, allowing our clients to depend on us. With hundreds of happy clients, our dedication to fighting for legal rights is one that will continue far into the future.

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