Downey Higher Education for Children with Special Needs

Thanks to years of advocacy and an improved understanding of special needs, special education students in Downey now have more options than ever before for improving their lives with higher education. Downey higher education for children with special needs does not have to follow a specific path but instead can be built around the needs and interests of the individual student. While a four-year college or university degree can be the perfect option for some students, others prefer work programs or two-year degrees. Some may even do best with simple life skills programs that give them increased independence in adulthood. Here are just a few options for today’s special education student who is graduating from high school and looking for continued educational opportunities.

College or University

This traditional path is an excellent choice for special needs students who have done well in school academically. However, you may want to search for an inclusive school that offers accommodations for these students and that has guidance counselors who exclusively reach out to special education students who may be struggling.

Community College

Downey students who are not interested in a traditional four-year degree but who are more interested in getting a basic degree can turn to community colleges that typically offer two-year associate’s degrees. These degrees usually let students find starting jobs.

Career Preparation Paths

Students who are eager to get their hands dirty right away may prefer an apprenticeship program or a local career preparation training option, which can usually be completed in a few months. Some job titles after this program include certified nursing assistant, plumber, auto mechanic, or HVAC technician.

Life Skills Training

Those who have more advanced disabilities may instead need life skills training to help them learn better social skills, personal care skills, and other skills necessary for living as fully functioning adults.

If you are unsure what higher education path might be right for your Downey special needs student, ask your child what most interests him, or check with a teacher to see where your child’s strengths and interests may lie. In addition, you can contact a legal advisor from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law who can guide you through all types of educational dilemmas, help you work with local school systems and guidance counselors and give you the information you need to get your child off to an excellent start in adulthood.

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