Downey Legal Conservatorships

Downey Legal Conservatorships are often a necessary appointment for special needs children upon reaching adulthood, which is generally considered to be 18 years of age in most states. A conservatorship is needed for adults who have been determined to be unable to make necessary decisions for themselves that all adults must be able to make to function independently, such as gaining a job, banking and paying bills. Because a conservator is appointed by the court, the family of the special needs individual will need to file appropriate legal documents and attend court appearances. In many cases, this is best handled by an attorney who specializes in special education law.

Situations that Benefit from Conservatorships in Downey

A Downey conservatorship may not be needed for some special needs individuals who only require limited help or who only have limited sources of income. For example, those whose only source of income is governmental help may not need a court-appointed conservator. In addition, some special needs individuals may only need a trust set up for managing finances.

However, a Downey conservator will be needed to manage daily aspects of banking, including making financial decisions, choosing investments, purchasing insurance and dealing with paychecks and taxes. A conservator may also be the legal guardian, or these may be two separate individuals. A legal guardian takes care of many of the daily aspects of the individual’s care, such as living arrangements and medical records. One of these individuals may also be named as the individual’s power of attorney or health care power of attorney. This does not negate the fact that a will and possibly a living will should be set up for the special needs client.

A Downey special education attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman will be able to help with each of these matters and will be able to help parents, guardians and other family members determine whether a conservatorship is needed. Should it be needed, the attorney will also be able to walk clients through each step of the process, including filing paperwork, attending court dates and appealing if required. Having an attorney along can really give clients the peace of mind that they are doing all they can and should do to provide for their special needs children as they become adults. The attorney will look carefully at the situation and determine exactly what is needed based on the client’s physical and mental needs and abilities.

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