Downey Psychological Assessments

Downey Psychological Assessments can fill parents with fear that their children may “flunk” or may be labeled incorrectly as special needs. However, when looked at objectively and when performed properly, a psychological assessment is actually a helpful tool for parents, children, and school teachers. It can identify problems before they become bigger, can put a name to a confusing symptom and can show teachers know how to best help children in their classes. Plus, if the psychological assessment results in a recommendation for the child to be in a special education classroom, it can lead to better results in school and on tests and in less frustration for the student.

Helping Downey Children Succeed with Individual Psychological Assessments

Children should be well-prepared to go into a Downey Psychological Assessment. They should be told who they will be meeting with, what they will be asked to do and what they might talk about with the psychologist or psychiatrist. They should know that it is a safe environment and that they should answer all questions honestly and to the best of their ability. It can be helpful to let them know that it is not a test that they can pass or fail but rather a test to show parents and teachers how they can best be helped. Children who require aids, such as glasses or hearing aids, should come with these to the assessment. It may also help to bring recent report cards, assessment reports, and psychological evaluations to the assessment because these can help the administrator of the assessment understand the child’s needs better.

Most children in Downey have assessments with a psychologist only. However, some children will be assessed by multi-disciplinary teams to give the school district a better idea of the child’s needs. An assessment will be tailored to the child and will deal mainly with problem areas that he or she has, such as reading, memory, social, emotional or language issues.

Following the Downey Psychological Assessment, someone will meet with the parents to discuss the results. This may or may not occur on the same day. The assessment results will also be transmitted to the school district where the child may be recommended for special education services. If this is the case, the school district will work in conjunction with the parents on an IEP. Families who need any help with these special education services should contact an attorney at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman.

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