Downey Rights of Children with Disabilities

Downey children with disabilities must have their rights vigorously protected if they are to be treated as equals in the community and if they are to receive the best possible educations for their knowledge and ability levels. Thankfully, state and federal law has set forth several requirements for what the Downey educational system is required to provide to these students. While these laws are typically followed well by the district, some children occasionally do not receive the special education services, accommodations, or modifications that they need to excel in school. Whether this is due to an oversight on the part of the school, to budget restrictions or to misunderstandings, our special education attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman are ready to help your family get through this situation.

Legal Representation for Families in Downey

We will normally begin by sitting down with the child’s parents or guardians. If the child is old enough and is able to participate in the proceedings, he or she will be welcome to attend as well. During an initial consultation, we will learn more about your family, your child’s unique needs and any problems that you have been having with the school district.

Once we know more about the problem, we will come up with a plan to work for a solution that will help your special needs child receive a great education through the public school system in Downey. In some cases, we can give you the information that you need to work with the district, receive an Individualized Education Plan, and get the special services that your child needs. In other cases, we may need to attend an IEP meeting with you and school district officials and teachers so that together we can come up with workable solutions that follow the law.

Although these simpler solutions often work, we occasionally need to go further to get children the special education services that they need. For example, if we cannot come to an agreement in an IEP meeting, we may need to take the issue before a judge. If special services are denied despite your child needing them, we can even represent you at a fair hearing.

Our goal is to make the process of working with the Downey school district as easy as possible for your family. In addition, we always ensure that the school district is following U.S. and California law when working with special needs children.

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