Downey Special Education Legal Representation

Every Special Needs child in Downey needs someone that he or she can turn to who will always be on his or her side. That is what Newman Aaronson Vanaman has been doing for the past 36 years. We have insisted on legal excellence whether we are at our law offices, the school district offices or the courtroom. Our clients from Downey know us for our deep knowledge of Special Education Legal Representation throughout Los Angeles County as well as for our highly acclaimed interpersonal skills.

Personalized Special Education Representation for Downey Children

We treat each Downey client as an individual. Rather than treating a special needs child as someone who is abnormal, we treat him or her as someone very special who requires a unique kind of education tailored specifically for him or her. This is where the Individualized Educational Plans come into play. The state of California requires them for all special education children, and these plans must be updated and redesigned regularly. The state requires that the school district works with the parents to create a plan that provides the right amount of education and additional resources given in the least restrictive environment for the child.

We are well-versed in federal and state-level laws and can ensure that children are getting the education that they deserve, and that is their right by law. This may require only one or two consultations at our offices near Downey, or it may require us coming to an IEP meeting at the local school district office. No matter how big or small the case is, we are standing by to help.

Providing Expert Legal Representation in Downey, California

Many times, parents in Downey believe that they can handle these matters themselves. However, they become so emotionally invested in gaining the best education for their special needs children that they no longer have the physical or emotional energy to provide loving parenting. Our desire is to take away some of this burden from parents and to allow them to build strong and lasting relationships with their children.

Because the Los Angeles County area is so large, we know that parents in Downey have a variety of places where they can turn for Legal Representation. However, we would like the chance to prove that we are the very best. We believe that potential clients who schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys or paralegals will be pleasantly surprised by our wide knowledge base combined with our personable human side.

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