El Monte Accommodations

El Monte accommodations are put in place so that special education students are able to learn to the best of their abilities. Accommodations should be kept distinct from modifications. Whereas modifications actually change the curricula that the student is learning and may make teaching easier for those with extreme learning disabilities, accommodations merely allow the student to learn the same information as his or her peers with a few changes in the setting or in the way that material is presented.

Also, El Monte parents should keep in mind that their children may receive accommodations in some areas and modifications in others. What is most important is that the student is properly challenged and is able to best learn the chosen material so that he or she can go on to lead a successful life. For example, one student may receive accommodations for arithmetic but modifications for science class. Accommodations should be reevaluated at the beginning of each school year at minimum to ensure that they are best suited to the student’s current needs.

What Accommodations Can Help El Monte Students Excel?

Some of the most common El Monte accommodations regard time and setting. For example, these students may be given extra time to answer questions, to turn in assignments or to take tests. However, they still receive the same tests and are required to fulfill the same assignments that their peers do. As far as setting, students may be able to learn in a different area or use a different type of desk. If they need to move frequently, they may be given standing desks in the back of the room. On the other hand, they may receive desks at the front of the room if they have trouble seeing the teacher.

However, there are many other types of El Monte accommodations in addition to these. Students may be allowed to have fidget items or other sensory tools to allow them to pay attention during class. They may be given extra visual aids to help them learn certain material or to help them see the class and assignment schedule. They may also receive additional support from school district teachers or aides, such as tutoring. In addition, they may be allowed to take some tests orally or to use a computer rather than a paper and pencil.

The major goal of El Monte accommodations is to help special needs students learn to the best of their abilities.

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