El Monte Children with Physical Disabilities

The laws of the United States state that every child has the right to a free education whether or not that child has a disability. This was stated initially in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1973. More accommodations were made for El Monte children with physical disabilities in 1990 through the Americans with Disabilities Act. Because of IDEA, children who are suffering from one of a variety of physical or mental concerns are eligible for special education services. For the most disabled, it could include a separate classroom with special education certified teachers. For others, it could include occasional one-on-one tutoring and help with certain aspects of learning. El Monte children with disabilities are also required to have learning environments that are safe for them and around which they can travel. For example, some schools have ramps and elevators. Others have larger bathrooms or door handles that are easily opened.

Providing Legal Representation for El Monte Children with Physical Disabilities

El Monte children with disabilities should never be discriminated against in the school environment or anywhere else. The school should be a safe place where the child can learn, make friends and feel confident about his or her place in life. These children should be free from bullying by children or even teachers while still being allowed to have special accommodations made for them. Depending on the disability, some children may need extra time for completing projects, special seating arrangements in the class or a different style of homework.

The educational plan for El Monte children with disabilities is detailed in the Individualized Educational Plan, called the IEP, which is adjusted every year. The IEP includes a variety of goals that the parents, teachers and other integral members of the educational team agree upon yearly. As the child gets older, he or she may also be asked for input into the IEP. Sometimes, however, the parents or the child do not feel that their wishes and needs are being honored by the El Monte school district. They are allowed to dispute the IEP or the special education determination; this can take time and knowledge of the special education system that most parents simply do not have.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, our attorneys can take care of these and numerous other special education legal matters. Our team has decades of experience working solely with these clients and can walk parents through the paperwork and meetings that will be necessary.

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