El Monte Conservatorships

El Monte Legal Conservatorships allow parents, adult siblings or other responsible and trustworthy adults to help care for a special needs child after they reach the age of majority, which is 18 in nearly all states. While some special needs individuals are able to care for their own needs in all aspects at this point, many still require some type of extra care, such as help with daily needs, help with medical care or help working with their finances. These people may require guardians and conservators. Many times, the appointed guardian and conservator are one and the same individual. Other times, different individuals will be appointed for each set of tasks due to family circumstances or other concerns.

Guardians & Conservators in El Monte

In general, El Monte guardians help special need individuals with their living arrangements and activities of daily life while conservators help with financial matters, including banking, insurance, and financial planning for the future. Adults who are unable to care for their own finances will need conservators; however, individuals who do not have a job or another source of income other than social security or government assistance may not need to have a conservator appointed.

Setting up a conservator for a special needs client in El Monte who is turning 18 year old requires filing numerous legal documents and attending court appearances. While this process can be done by oneself, this is not recommended because the legal paperwork can become quite confusing. Instead, we recommend working with an attorney who specializes in special education law, such as one of our knowledgeable professionals at Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law.

Legal Representation for El Monte Conservatorships

Our attorneys have decades of experience working with all types of special needs clients, including those with physical and mental disabilities. We have fought tirelessly for a variety of causes, including excellence in public school education for special needs students and for freedoms for special needs clients throughout society. We focus on solving as many problems as possible in our law offices, but we also fight for our clients in regional hearings as well as in the California courts surrounding the El Monte area.

An El Monte conservator can protect the interests of the special needs adult for many years. With our legal help, clients can live safely and financially secure for years to come. Contact the office of Newman Aaronson Vanaman today to chat with one of our attorneys or paralegals about conservatorships.

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