El Monte Court Litigations

When a special education concern cannot be solved in an IEP meeting or in a hearing between the school district and the parents, El Monte court litigations may be necessary to solve the difference of opinions and ensure that the student is properly protected and educated according to the United States and California law. Although many laws have been enacted over the years and special education students are widely protected, their issues may still seem to fall through the cracks in some instances when the El Monte school district simply does not seem interested in protecting the rights of the child.

Court litigation may be necessary for several reasons. For example, the school district may refuse to budge on their stance of what types of services a special education child requires. Sometimes, a school district refuses to recognize that a student should be receiving an IEP and special education services despite independent evaluations that make recommendations to the contrary. Other times, budgetary concerns within the district create an environment in which the child cannot thrive.

Helping El Monte Families through Court Litigation

Before heading into El Monte court litigations, parents are encouraged to try other avenues that are less costly and less stressful for both them and their children. Parents can request IEP meetings at any time that they feel a meeting is necessary throughout the school year. These extra meetings can provide them with extra time to discuss concerns and changes that they believe should be made with the child’s teachers or other district advisors. When IEP meetings do not provide the desired results, mediators can help parents come to healthy resolutions with the school district. Sometimes, these problems progress into fair hearings, which may happen if parents believe that their children require special education services but the school district disagrees.

When none of these avenues produce the desired results, El Monte court litigation may be needed to settle the dispute. Parents should only go into these courtrooms with the backing of a special needs attorney who knows how to fight for the child’s needs. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, our lawyers are skilled in fighting special needs legal battles and have years of experience in working with school districts and in heading to court when necessary.

If you believe that you are facing El Monte court litigations, turn to one of our lawyers who can help you get through this difficult process.

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