El Monte Individualized Education Program

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we have decades of experience in working with El Monte Individualized Education Programs. Because we specifically target special education law in California, we are well-versed in all of the current laws and applicable court cases that could affect special education students here. Parents can turn to us with confidence that we will have the answers to their confusing questions and that we will be able to help them write great Individualized Education Plans as part of the team with school representatives.

Individualized Education Programs for El Monte Children with Special Needs

We provide three main helps for those wanting to build a new or revised El Monte Individualized Education Plan.

  • First, we provide guidance in our offices for parents who simply need more information about their rights and the rights of their children for IEPs. For the first time IEP planners, the process can be difficult to understand. Parents should go into the meetings knowing their rights and understanding everything that the IEP should include.
  • Second, we can help parents directly in the El Monte Individualized Education Plan meeting. Parents may want to see a friendly face at the meeting. While they are not actually required by law to be there, they will want to add to their own wishes and goals to ensure that the plan closely fits their child’s personality and learning style. Parents nearly always have the most personal information about their child compared to anyone else present. However, parents who are too nervous to speak for themselves in the meeting can ask us to speak for them.
  • Thirdly, when parents struggle to make their wishes heard or goals made with the El Monte school district, we can fight for the rights of the child as far as this needs to go, even if a fair hearing or a courtroom appearance is necessary.

Our attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman know how important a well-worded and goal-oriented Individualized Education Plan is to any special education student. We can help parents ensure that these are written well, are followed throughout the school year and are providing measurable results that are sent to the parents. Moreover, we provide plenty of other guidance for parents of special education students, including everything from fighting courtroom battles for special needs rights to financial planning matters for busy families. Our trustworthiness and honesty are sure to set all clients at ease as soon as they contact us.

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