El Monte Learning Disability

Being diagnosed with an El Monte learning disability can seem like a major life change for some children. Everything seems to change in their world as more medical appointments and special services are often needed just to get through the week. Many of these children require a variety of one-on-one services to help them learn at their highest levels. They may require speech therapy, tutoring or modifications in the classroom to learn.

Special Education for Children with Learning Disabilities

There are over two million children who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability. El Monte learning disabilities can cover a wide array of areas, but all have one thing in common. They create a difficult atmosphere in school for the child who may find it nearly impossible to keep up with his or her peers. However, there are numerous special services available today to help children of all ages thrive in their environments and go on to live rich and full lives in adulthood.

Legal Representation for Families in El Monte

Most El Monte learning disabilities are defined as those having to do with problems in language and reading. For example, dyslexia is a common problem in which students switch letters in their heads, making it difficult for them to read. Language processing disorder makes it difficult for children to understand what certain words or groups of words mean. Other children have speech impediments or the inability to distinguish nonverbal communication.

However, not all El Monte learning disabilities have to do with speech and language. With dysgraphia, children find it difficult to write words. They may also struggle with other fine motor skills. Children who have a hard time understanding numbers and higher math skills may be diagnosed with dyscalculia. Other problems could include dyspraxia, memory issues, ADHD and auditory problems.

The United States government and the state of California have created laws to ensure that children diagnosed with any of these learning disabilities will be able to receive a free and appropriate education in the public schools. Some of these children may need modifications made to the schoolroom. Others may need certain accommodations for taking tests or for writing papers. However, with help, many of these students do amazingly well through elementary school, middle school and high school and are excited to move on to higher education. If you are having trouble getting the IEP that you need for your child with learning disabilities in El Monte, contact Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman today.

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