El Monte Psychological Assessments

El Monte Psychological Assessments are free to children within the school district. Rather than paying for their own private assessments, parents are encouraged to make use of this free resource usually performed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Children who are recommended for special education will then need to have an IEP made.

Preparing Psychological Assessments for El Monte Children

El Monte Psychological Assessments can be customized to meet the needs of the child being tested. For example, physical aids, such as glasses or hearing aids, can be used, and children may be able to have special adjustments made for testing purposes. However, depending on the age of the child, some testing only requires generalized playtime.

In addition, the assessment will be customized to take into account the exact concerns related to the child. This could include issues with reading, understanding language, memory, functional skills, social engagement or emotional issues. While the excellent El Monte school psychologist should take into account academic reports, medical reports, IQ tests, he or she will realize that every student has individualized needs and unique concerns when the come for testing. Many students come to the assessment worried about what will happen, and the psychologist can help make students feel at ease.

However, there are times when parents are unhappy with the results of the El Monte Psychological Assessment. They may not believe that the results fit their children, or they may not feel that the psychologist spent enough time with the child to see all areas of concern. While some parents believe that their children are being denied special education services that they desperately need, others feel that their children should be in a classroom with their peers rather than in a special education classroom. When parents disagree with the results, they can get an independent psychological assessment completed at their own cost.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, our team of attorneys works only with special needs law and can help with all aspects of psychological assessments. We have many people in our office who understand the intricacies of physical and psychological examinations from a medical standpoint. We can take parents’ concerns to the school district or farther into the courts system if necessary. Our biggest concern is that all special needs students in the state of California have access to the free, excellent education to which they are entitled and that they are set up to live happy and successful lives.

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