El Monte Rights of Children with Disabilities

In El Monte, children with disabilities are protected from infringements in their rights through several federal and state laws. Although many of these laws have been in place for decades, they are not always followed properly by schools and businesses providing special services. Because children are unable to stand up for themselves in most circumstances and are particularly unable to fight for their rights when they are already living with mental or physical disabilities, it is up to parents, guardians and other adults to fight for the El Monte rights of children with disabilities.

Ensure the Right Education for El Monte Children with Special Needs

First, all special education children in El Monte should have freedom from discrimination. This means that they should be treated as similar to their peers as is possible. While they may need to learn in slightly different environments or may need certain accommodations to allow them to participate in the classroom, they are still guaranteed the right to free, appropriate public educations.

Second, El Monte children with disabilities are guaranteed the accommodations and modifications that they need to receive an appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment possible. This means that these children receive educations at public expense. An appropriate education is one that is designed specifically for that student. In fact, special education students are given Individualized Education Plans that guide the teachers and other educational helpers throughout the school year.

Third, these special needs children should be allowed to participate in testing with their peers whenever possible so that they can be well-prepared for their futures. Some students may receive accommodations, such as longer testing times or the ability to test orally rather than with pencil and paper. Other students may require certain modifications to the tests that allow them to learn at a different level from their peers. Whichever option is needed, the local school district is required to remain accountable for a proper education for these children.

Finally, El Monte children with disabilities should be allowed to be schooled at private schools or charter schools when desired by parents or guardians. They should also have the right to be homeschooled when desired and should still be able to receive certain services through the El Monte school district.

If you feel that your child or ward is not enjoying these or other important rights that will set them up for bright futures, contact a special education attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman today.

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