Ensuring Online School Works for Your Special Education Student

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Ensuring Online School Works for Your Special Education Student

Ensuring Online School Works for Your Special Education Student | LA County

As schools around the country plan to go online, parents of children in special education classrooms might feel a little left out. Plans are certainly being made for the typical classrooms, but what about the special education classrooms? If you’re concerned, there are certainly a few steps you can take.

Talk to a Teacher or Coordinator

Though plans are in flux around the country, it’s still a good idea to reach out to your school’s special education teachers for an update about how classes will work. While there’s a good chance they won’t be sure quite yet, you should still attempt to get what information you can. These teachers can and should be your first source for information about the new year.

If you can’t reach your child’s teacher, it may be a good idea to contact your district’s special education coordinator. He or she is likely working on a plan at the moment, so this will be the person with the most up-to-date information.

Look at Other Plans

If your district doesn’t have plans in place, start looking for how other schools are handling the problems related with going back to school. Looking at online schools that cater to special education students is always a good idea, as is looking at how some districts handled the classes last semester. While this process may feel new to you, it’s one that others have been successfully working on for years.

Call an IEP Meeting

Finally, exercise your right to call an IEP meeting for the new school year. Even if it’s remote, it’s going to get you in contact with the most important people related to your child’s education. This will be your chance to figure out not only what’s planned, but how the professionals in your child’s school are putting systems into place to help your child.

This can be a scary time to put a child back into school, but it’s full of problems that you can solve. Online schooling is not the best fit for every child, but it’s the only option for many parents at the moment. If you need to know how your child’s education is going to be handled, you’ll need to be able to reach out and communicate with your child’s school.