Glendale Appeal Region Center Determinations

Parents who want to Appeal Region Center Determinations in Glendale, California, must know the correct protocol for doing this and must understand the time constraints upon them. An appeal may be made for a variety of reasons, such as when a regional center denies services to a child who is seeking special needs services or when they stop services to a child who has previously received special needs services. While these Glendale centers make determinations, they often create decisions that are quite helpful to the parents and their children. Occasionally, the parents may disagree with the determination that is made and may want to appeal the process. In addition to parents, legal guardians or conservators are also allowed to appeal the regional center’s determinations in the state of California.

How to Make Appeals at Glendale Region Centers for Special Education

There are three ways that parents or others can appeal the decision made in Glendale Region Centers. The first is to request an informal hearing during which the parents are able to express their concerns, and the center employees are able to discuss the decision that they made. parents can also request mediation. In this process, a state-appointed mediator who is to be a neutral party will work to resolve the differences between the parents and the regional center. The final option is to request a fair hearing, which will use a judge to resolve the differences. The fair hearing takes the longest to undertake because parents will have to wait for a place on a court docket.

The best way to go about a Glendale Region Center Determination Appeal is to immediately request a fair hearing. While parents or guardians are waiting for the hearing to occur, they may request an informal meeting or a mediator. The state of California is required to set up an informal meeting when it is requested but may deny the request for a mediator. If parents are able to get their differences resolved with an informal meeting, they can cancel the fair hearing. However, if they cannot resolve their differences through the first step or two, they will still have the fair hearing scheduled.

Sometimes, parents cannot get the determination that they want even with a fair hearing. They may feel that their needs are not heard or that they are being discriminated against by the state. In these cases, they should contact a special needs attorney, such as one from Newman Aaronson Vanaman.

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