Glendale Learning Disability

A Glendale learning disability can make sending your child to school difficult, but it certainly does not have to make it impossible. Learning disabilities should simply be looked at a challenge that parents and their children can get through together with some help from qualified professionals, including their special education teachers and other learning and healthcare specialists. Another important member of your team should be a special needs attorney who has worked with families just like this for years.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, you can experience quality legal aid for special education matters. Whether your child with a learning disability is having difficulty getting approved for necessary services through the Glendale school district, is not doing well with his or her IEP or is being forced to learn in a restrictive environment, we can help you clear up these matters, have a great school year and see your child succeed.

Individualized Education Plans for Glendale Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with Glendale learning disabilities usually need IEPs. These plans help create goals for the child for the school year while also providing great ways to meet these goals. The IEP helps to direct education as well as special services for the child and give teachers and parents a way to judge how well the child is succeeding in school. Children who are not meeting their goals may need some extra services, such as tutoring, or they may need to have the IEP revamped to better reflect their disabilities.

Parents must work as advocates for their Glendale children who have learning disabilities. Parents or legal guardians spend the most time with their children and know how their children learn and what can help them educationally, mentally, emotionally and socially. However, parents do not have to work alone. By surrounding themselves with a team of dedicated professionals, they can find an array of advocates who will lobby for the best possible educational experience for the child.

No Glendale child with learning disabilities should be resigned to a poor education. Instead, children should be prepared to the best of their abilities for a full adult life whether this is a job, a college education or another fulfilling option. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we can help you get your child the right and the best education. We work with school districts, teachers, administrators and medical personnel all the time and can help your child have a fabulous educational experience.

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