Glendale Psychological Assessments

Before a child can be considered for special education in the local California school district, several assessments must be completed to prove that the child needs these free services. For example, the education assessment will look at the child’s educational functioning versus his peers’ functioning. Other assessments could include a sociocultural assessment, developmental assessment or specialty area testing. However, one of the most important tests to determine if special education resources are necessary is the Glendale Psychological Assessment.

How Are Psychological Assessments Used to Help Glendale Children with Special Needs?

The Glendale Psychological Assessment is typically performed by the school psychologist unless the parents disagree with his findings and also get an independent assessment. The psychologist will look at cognition, emotional habits, behavior patterns and much more. The testing will examine IQ, problem-solving and information interpretation. It could include a mixture of written, auditory and visual tests, depending on the student. The psychologist will look at the child’s memory, verbal skills, nonverbal skills and much more. Each test will be graded based on the specific scale used by that school district. Emotional tests are often much more informal in nature and may be based on interviews the psychologist has with the student.

Effectiveness & Accuracy of Glendale Psychological Assessments

When performed correctly, these Glendale Psychological Assessments can provide both the teachers and the parents with invaluable information about the student. It will show them where the student struggles, how he or she learns best and what type of learning style would work best for that person. However, the evaluations are not always performed correctly. Psychologists are often busy and overworked and may not have the time to perform each part of the Glendale evaluation correctly.

Other problems arise when the grading scales on the evaluations are not reported correctly or are filled out unfairly. Some psychologists may react with common biases and may unfairly describe student needs. This can lead to students not receiving the educations that they desperately need in Glendale and to parents feeling incredibly frustrated with the process.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we believe that every special needs student has a right to a great education. We do not believe that this need should be thwarted by a poor Glendale Psychological Assessment that does not accurately reflect the child’s needs. We can help parents and families work through these murky waters and discover how they can get their children in the right classroom based on their physical, mental, emotional and social needs.

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