Glendale Rights of Children with Disabilities

Glendale children with disabilities are an important part of society, adding many benefits to schools, families, and communities. However, because they often do not know what their rights are or do not have the ability to stand up for their own rights, it is vital for parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers and even lawmakers to stand up for the rights of Glendale children with disabilities as designated by law.

Civil Rights

Civil rights guarantee certain societal freedoms to citizens of a country. In the United States, Glendale children with disabilities are primarily protected from various abuses through the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prevents discrimination against these individuals at school, work or any public place. This is a broad law that covers a variety of disabilities and reaches into nearly every aspect of society.

Educational Rights

However, some anti-discrimination laws reach further into society to ensure that these children receive exactly what they need to go far in life. Education is what gets most people to the positive and life-changing moments of adulthood. Glendale educational rights of children with disabilities are protected by such laws as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

These acts ensure that children receive the best possible education in a public school setting that is provided in the least restrictive environment possible. Children with disabilities will be able to receive an Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, that discusses exactly what services they will be receiving in school and what progress they should be making throughout the year.

Laws also ensure that parents or guardians receive prior written notice if placement or services change throughout the year, that students receive instruction in their native language and that families receive due process when requested if families disagree with the degree of services provided by the school. These and other laws ensure that students with disabilities can learn with their peers whenever possible, that they receive solid educations and that they are as prepared as they possibly can be for adulthood, jobs, and future education. In addition, they help parents and guardians remain involved in educational plans.

Sometimes, things do not go as planned when working with the school district even with all of the laws currently protecting Glendale children with disabilities. In these circumstances, attorneys with Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman can help families understand the laws and fight for their children’s rights.

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