Helping the Child Who Dreads Holiday Breaks

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December 21, 2019
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Keeping Children Active in the Winter
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Helping the Child Who Dreads Holiday Breaks

Helping the Child Who Dreads Holiday Breaks | LA Special Education

While most children look forward to holiday breaks with great anticipation, there are some who dread these days away from school. They may fear that they will have nothing to do, that their routines will be ruined, or that they will miss their friends dreadfully. Although these problems do not happen frequently, it is important to have some ideas about how to address them should they occur with your child.

Ask Questions with Sensitivity

It can be dangerous to make an assumption that your child is looking forward to a holiday break. Instead, ask your child how he feels before responding with great enthusiasm of your own. These questions can serve as directives in how you can best help your child throughout these days.

Create a Plan for the Break

Even if you do not follow your plan perfectly, it will help to set your mind at ease. Working with the answers you have already received from your child, decide if you should invite your child’s friends over, spend extra time with family members, have a parent-child date, or lead a family game night. Your child will love having something to anticipate with excitement.

Find Community Resources

If you live in a larger community, there may be events that your child can participate in if you are looking forward to a lengthier holiday break. Fun gym days, kids’ night out parties, and holiday choirs help plug children into their communities and show them that they are important.

Let Children Serve Others

Help your child get his mind off himself by letting him think more about others. Perhaps your family could serve together in a community kitchen for the underprivileged. You could also consider anonymously adopting a family in your community, church, or neighborhood and making Christmas cookies or buying gifts for them.

Whether you are in the midst of the Christmas break now or are looking forward to shorter wintertime school breaks, such as during President’s Day, having these ideas and resources at your fingertips will help you respond with sensitivity and decisiveness should your child be feeling a bit down when away from school. Above all, remember that these days are meant to be enjoyed. See if you can find a way to create a family tradition that will help your child feel incredibly connected and exceedingly loved.

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