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Tips for Making the Most of Your Student’s Educational Records
May 22, 2015
The Basics About Individualized Education Plans
The Basics About Individualized Education Plans
June 14, 2016

How Parents Benefit by Using Special Needs Advocates

How Parents Benefit by Using Special Needs Advocates

Parents of special needs children have a variety of roles. Not only do they provide comfort and support at home but also they are advocates for their children with disabilities in nearly every sector. They must advocate for appropriate medical care and mental support. They must also ensure that their children receive the education that they need to succeed as teenagers or adults.

In many cases, parents can provide exceptional advocacy for their special needs children. To do so, however, they must ensure that they understand the legal terminology, keep accurate records, ask questions of educators, keep up-to-date on applicable laws and maintain a great relationship with their children.

On the other hand, there are numerous times when advocating for one’s own child is simply not an option. This may occur

  • When parents become exhausted by the process
  • When they feel that the process is straining their relationships with their children
  • When the legal process becomes too complicated for them to understand 
  • When the school district or educators will not work with them to create workable individualized education plans for their children
In these circumstances, trained special needs advocates, such as those legal advisers who work at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, can provide the counsel as well as the first line of defense for protecting vulnerable special needs children. When parents turn to trained special needs advocates, they will reap a variety of benefits.
  • First, they will experience decreased stress when they know they have a professional in their corner fighting for their children.
  • Second, they will have help in understanding the legal terms and any newly created laws.
  • Third, they will have a backup when they feel that the IEP does not work as well as it should for their children.
  • Fourth, it will help them redefine their roles as parents to their children, taking much of the stress out of the parent-child relationship.
  • Finally, they will be working with a legal professional who understands special education testing, including psychological tests.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, trained special needs advocates have been winning benefits for their clients since 1981. Some of these benefits include better educations, more tailored extracurricular programs for special needs students and legal assistance in courtroom cases. Parents who have exhausted their resources can turn to our trusted team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff for expert-driven legal care.