How to Get Through the Next Few Weeks

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April 13, 2020
Helping a Child Cope with Fear | LA County Special Education Plan
Helping a Child Cope with Fear
April 18, 2020

How to Get Through the Next Few Weeks

How to Get Through the Next Few Weeks | LA County Special Education

Stress and anxiety may now be at an all-time high in your house, but you do not have to let them get the best of you during the next few weeks. Whether your whole life has changed because of the coronavirus or you find your schedule much the same except that your children are home from school, we are here to help with some at-home care tips. During this time, compassion, patience, and self-care are incredibly important. Rather than focusing on perfection, now may be the time to let some things slide.

Be Flexible

Whether your child is still working with his special needs teacher through online learning, or is currently learning at home with you, be flexible in your daily schedule. Your child does not have to complete a certain number of hours of education at home before he can relax. Instead, make this as fun and relaxing of a time as you possibly can for your whole family.

Keep Children Stress-Free

Certain rules that your family has long held may need to go by the wayside during this time. For example, you may find that your child thrives with a bit more screen time than usual or that bedtime works better a half-hour later than usual.

Mental Health Comes Before Schedules

Similarly, try to focus more on your children’s mental health than you usually do. Take time to talk about how everyone is feeling. Call a family meeting so that everyone is on the same page for the next day’s activities. Find fun ways to unwind and relax together.

Stay Active

Speaking of staying active, exercise is incredibly important at this time. It can improve your child’s mood, help him with his sleep, and help him focus more on his distance learning activities when it is time to study. Exercise can be something as simple as playing in the backyard or dancing in the living room.

Focus on Good Enough

This is a stressful enough time without the added need to make sure everything is perfect. This is probably not the time for Pinterest-inspired crafts and perfect routines. Instead, this is the time to show your children that doing your best sometimes means doing what seems good enough. Instead of focusing on worries, focus on what you can do to change things or to stay happy.