How to Improve Verbal Communication

Occupational Therapy and Special Needs | Los Angeles Legal Representation
Occupational Therapy and Special Needs
May 22, 2017
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How to Improve Verbal Communication

How to Improve Verbal Communication | Los Angeles Legal Representation

Many special needs children have problems with verbal communication. This can make it difficult for them to talk to parents as well as peers but can make it especially challenging when they head off to school. If they are placed in mainstream classrooms, they may fall behind because they are unable to ask questions. They may also suffer from low or failing grades. Even students in special needs classrooms have trouble learning and developing as many teachers simply do not have the time to spend working with these children.

While great schools should have teachers and tutors who can work one-on-one with these students, this is not the case in all school districts. Instead, it is often up to parents to work with their children and to help them succeed in school and in life by using improved verbal communication skills. Several helpful tips will give parents the advice they need in this confusing area.

  • Play

Playtime is the best time to help a child learn new words because he or she usually feels the least amount of pressure. Play with toys that the child enjoys, such as cars, dolls or puzzles. Even games and nursery rhymes can be used.

  • Give the Child Time

Some parents are tempted to fill in silences or to answer for their children when they do not speak immediately. These children need to be given plenty of time to communicate. Parents should practice communicating while looking the child directly in the eyes.

  • Imitate Sounds

Younger children can benefit from hearing their parents imitate the sounds that they make. It will provide great encouragement as parents interact with them.

  • Technology

Numerous apps help children match words and sounds to pictures and videos. While apps should not take the place of other interactions, they definitely have a place in an educational setting.

  • Reading Time

During reading time, children will learn how to form certain words, and they will begin to connect words with certain objects. Parents can give their children one word to say every time it appears in a book.

Attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman work with parents who feel that their children are not receiving the opportunities they need in school to succeed. All special needs children are allowed free, appropriate public educations. With the help of a special education attorney, students can find the educational success that they need.
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