Inglewood Accommodations

Inglewood accommodations help special needs students learn as much as they can with their peers so that they are primed to succeed throughout their school years and well into college and the rest of their lives. Accommodations help these children learn the same subjects and curricula as their peers do but in a slightly different way. At the end of the school year, both the special needs student and his peers will be required to pass the same tests, demonstrating that they know the same information.

However, Inglewood accommodations help the student learn with several changes in place. These accommodations are not like modifications that actually simplify or change what is learned. Instead, they just help the child work within his or her limitations to stick close with the class or grade level.

Accommodating Environments to Improve Education for Inglewood Students

Inglewood accommodations can include changes in many different areas of learning. For example, the environment itself can be changed for the student. He or she may need a particular spot in the room in order to hear or see the best. The student may need a standing desk, a movable chair or a special spot where he or she can learn, write or test.

Testing is another big area of Inglewood accommodations as well. Instead of taking the test exactly as one’s peers do, the special needs student may be allowed to take it orally or to use a computer. The accommodations should be matched up to the student’s learning and testing style and should mirror any physical or mental concerns that the student has.

These students may also receive help from a tutor or an assistant. This person may help by reviewing concepts with the student, providing help with homework or reviewing for a test. The assistant may also help the student fill in answers in workbooks or on tests or may take dictation for students writing papers.

The main goal of Inglewood accommodations is to create the ideal learning environment for the special needs student while also helping him or her reach the highest level of learning possible. Accommodations should be listed on the student’s IEP along with any modifications that may be used. Parents who feel that their children are not receiving the accommodations that would best work for them and who are struggling to work with the school district in this area should contact an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman.

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