Inglewood Children with Physical Disabilities

Inglewood Children with Physical Disabilities are our top priorities at Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law. We fight for their rights and freedoms alongside their parents and caregivers on a daily basis because we believe that they are often forgotten despite lawmakers’ best efforts. The laws relating to special education are constantly changing; thus, we believe that we are best equipped to help families work through their legal problems. Despite a parent’s best efforts, he or she simply cannot stay as up-to-date on these matters as an attorney can. We can provide legal counsel, work through paperwork, attend school district meetings and regional hearings and even take cases to the courtroom for families who are unsatisfied with a decision.

Access Services for Inglewood Children with Physical Disabilities

Some Inglewood parents do not know what services are available to their children with physical disabilities in the local school systems. According to United States law, all children are required to have a free, appropriate public education. Within the public school systems, these children are required to have set, measurable goals and learning environments that are appropriate to their needs. These environments will most certainly be different based on what sort of physical disability the child has. In addition, many school districts try very hard to get special education students into the mainstream classrooms in a step called combined classrooms. This can help these students to learn better and to gain skills that will be necessary to them as they go on with their lives.

Despite the best efforts of teachers in Inglewood, some children with physical disabilities are left behind. They have difficulty learning in the classroom, and they do not receive any specialized care to help them succeed. Sometimes this is due to negligence; most of the time this is due to a cash-strapped school district. This is one way in which our attorneys can help. We can attend IEP meetings with parents and fight on the child’s behalf to create goals that will really help the child. In addition, we can help older students with transitional planning, which is also required by law to be part of the later grades for special education students. Most of the time, this only requires one or two meetings with the school district. However, when more fighting is needed for the rights of the Inglewood child, we can take the battle as far as is necessary, even to the courts.

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