Inglewood Education Plan for Children with Special Needs

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, the most important person is the client. Our special needs Inglewood clients are some of the most unique people we have met, with amazing stories and beautiful personalities. Our style of compassionate and personalized legal care has created numerous satisfied clients over the past 30 years. With attorneys specializing in a variety of legal needs for special education, we can serve any Inglewood special needs clients.

Our approach is geared to follow special education students from the beginning of preschool through college if needed. We believe that with this dedicated approach, Inglewood students will be best set up to succeed throughout adulthood. However, this must begin with a great Inglewood Education Plan from the beginning. An education plan should be specific and measurable and should seek to provide the best educational services for the special needs student with a minimum of limitations, giving the student a sense of freedom and normalcy. The education plan should be adjusted at least once per year, and the parents and school teachers should address the plan frequently to ensure that the child is progressing.

Legal Representation for Inglewood Children with Special Needs

We can help in this process, especially because it can be so confusing for some parents who are not used to these legal technicalities. We can explain legal terminology and wording to ensure that parents know exactly what to expect in the Inglewood school districts. In addition, we can attend Individualized Educational Plan meetings at school district offices to ensure that all points on the IEP are addressed and even to provide ongoing education to teachers and school district officials on the rapidly changing special education laws. Sometimes, school districts simply have low budgets or high student-to-teacher ratios and may not have the resources or time to address these important concerns on their own. We seek to make our clients concerns our own.

Besides working with IEPs, we can also provide legal counsel for a variety of other Inglewood special education matters and can work with clients in our law offices and even in courtrooms. Our comprehensive legal care ensures that parents feel safe and knowledgeable as they fight for the rights of their children.

Our professional Inglewood attorneys and paralegals provide solid answers that our clients and their parents can trust. We are available to meet with potential clients at their convenience, and we are dedicated to serving our special needs clients with individualized care.

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