Inglewood Estate Planning Legal Representation

Estate Planning can be a difficult and uncomfortable subject for adults of any age. However, it is one that should not be put off in favor of a better day or an easier time. Estate planning allows individuals to delineate how they wish their assets to be dispersed following their deaths. They can set up beneficiaries of their money and can even state specifics of who they want to get certain material possessions.

However, a good Inglewood estate plan will also include other information, particularly for families with special needs children. It may set up a monetary trust for minors or for adult children who are unable to care for themselves financially. It could even set up a conservatorship or guardianship upon the parents’ passing. This individual would be responsible for managing finances, housing, medical care or other aspects of the special needs child’s life depending on their specific circumstances.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Setting Up Inglewood Estate Planning

While parents may not want to think about Inglewood estate planning, they may be displeased to learn what could happen if they become incapacitated before their estate is set up completely. If they cannot legally make choices any longer, the court system of California would be forced to make the determinations. This could include determining how the money is dispersed and who would care for the special needs child or any minor children. Sometimes, a family member would be chosen; however, sometimes, the court may choose a disinterested third party.

Rather than worrying for months or even years about estate planning, parents can choose professional Inglewood legal representation. With a specialization in special needs law, Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law provides clear information for parents who do not know where to start in this process. They can also help parents fill out paperwork and file it in court. Our attorneys walk with families every step of the way to ensure that they felt comfortable with the process and assured that their wishes would be followed later in life.

Our attorneys pride themselves on their individualized approach to Inglewood legal representation. We know that not every situation is the same and that some families have unique circumstances that can make following the law difficult. Our uniquely kind and thoughtful approach to estate planning in the Inglewood area instantly sets families at ease. Moreover, we ensure that each family has the security and privacy that it needs throughout the planning process.

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